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the ningbo institute of materials of the chinese academy of sciences released a batch of scientific and technological achievements to the society



时间:2017-02-24 15:31:00

on april 28th, in order to better implement the innovation-driven strategy and truly transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity, the ningbo science and technology bureau and the ningbo institute of materials of the chinese academy of sciences jointly hosted “2015” on the occasion of the “zhejiang industrial technology research institute”. the science and technology achievements conference and matchmaking meeting of the institute of materials technology and engineering of the chinese academy of sciences. a scientific and technological achievements promotion and docking conference around new materials, advanced manufacturing and new energy fields was held at the ningbo materials institute of the chinese academy of sciences, and another batch of scientific research results were released to the public.

zheng jian, deputy director of ningbo science and technology bureau and deputy director of ningbo materials institute of chinese academy of sciences, presided over the press conference and expressed warm welcome to the arrival of all parties. gong guowen, deputy director of ningbo science and technology bureau, yang jianbin, director of the foreign science and technology cooperation department of the science and technology bureau, zhang guocheng, deputy researcher, and more than 150 representatives from the science and technology administration departments and business circles of various counties and cities in ningbo attended the results meeting.

at the results conference, ningbo materials selected six products with mature technologies in new materials, new energy and advanced manufacturing fields to be released on the spot. these six achievements have revolutionary breakthroughs in the field and look forward to the early stage of the enterprise. the results of the intervention; cooperation with the enterprise to complete the laboratory test, seeking investors to implement industrialization as soon as possible; also have entered the scientific research results and established an industrialized company, looking forward to equity financing.

after eight years of hard work, the precision drive control technology team has a complete set of mature direct drive motor technology, and its research and development strength in the direct drive motor field has reached the domestic leading level. the project “magnetic suspension direct drive door machine industrialization” promoted by the team zhang chi researcher passed the double-track suspension flat linear motor direct drive structure, and solved the two major problems of performance and wear, so that the speed of the sliding door machine can reach 1.8m/ s, far exceeds the standards of similar products.

the senior engineer of the soft magnetic materials research team, ms. he introduced the “new amorphous energy-saving materials and devices project for high-efficiency motors”. the new amorphous materials have a short metallurgical process and are 80% more energy efficient than ordinary steel in the manufacturing process. the use of amorphous energy-saving materials in motors can significantly reduce motor energy consumption, increase motor efficiency to over 95%, and have the advantages of miniaturizing motors and reducing noise.

gao pingqi, a researcher at the high-energy solar cell team, gave a detailed introduction to the “energy-efficient ultra-thin crystalline silicon new thin-film solar cell project”. the micron-sized “porous silicon-epitaxial-peel transfer” technology is expected to develop into a disruptive photovoltaic process technology. replacing existing silicon-based technologies and continuing to promote the "low cost" and "efficient" development of photovoltaic products will help accelerate the advent of the era of affordable internet access.

researcher ge ziyi from the photovoltaic technology team introduced the “high efficiency organic light emitting oled display device” project. the blue phosphorescent materials developed by the team solve the problems of low efficiency and short life of traditional phosphorescent materials. with their own high efficiency and energy saving features, they can be fully utilized in high-energy places such as urban lighting, night landscapes, billboards, and commercial hotels.

the research and development of the catalytic and separation technology team, zhang yajie, introduced the “bio-based new material-2,5-furandicarboxylic acid” as the topic, and introduced the team's experience in the preparation of bio-based new materials and the process flow from the laboratory step-by-step process. by utilizing the catalytic conversion of renewable biomass resources, it can partially replace petrochemical-based polymer raw materials, and it is safe and degradable, which can greatly reduce the pressure on surrounding environmental protection.

xue lixin's research team han qiu released the “full heat exchange energy-saving fresh air system” project. the research team used special inorganic functional additives and modified ionic polymer to achieve high gas permeability while ensuring high moisture permeability. the green heat exchange membrane developed by the team has low cost and simple production process. the energy efficiency ratio of the heat recovery new fan is 18, and the single filtration efficiency of pm2.5 is 85%. the product performance exceeds the similar products at home and abroad.

the results of the project were highly appreciated by the representatives of the participating companies. after the meeting, they consulted and discussed with the researchers, expressing a strong desire for cooperation. the successful convening of the results promotion conference laid a solid foundation for ningbo materials institute to further strengthen regional industry docking, promote the transformation of results, and enhance the effectiveness of cooperation.

at the meeting, wang hui, director of the technology transfer and intellectual property department, gave a detailed introduction to the latest developments in the results of the materials and the status of intellectual property services.

zhejiang jingyuan membrane products at the "2015 chinese academy of sciences ningbo institute of materials technology and engineering science and technology achievements conference and matchmaking conference"

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