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cicheng introduces "black technology" to let mountain villagers drink high-quality water



时间:2017-12-13 15:21:00

cicheng is surrounded by mountains on three sides, facing the river and enjoying beautiful mountain scenery. however, some villages hidden in the depths of the mountains, due to the high altitude and insufficient water pressure, have not been able to access the water pipe network. the main source of drinking water for the daily life of the villagers is reservoir water intake and barrel drinking. water.

it is understood that the water intake from the reservoir is mainly to store the water to the water tower in the high place, and then to the villagers through the rural pipe network. although the water problem has been temporarily solved, there are many limiting factors for water intake in the reservoir. for example, the water tower is vulnerable to secondary pollution. under the constraints of natural conditions, the ecological environment of the reservoir itself is vulnerable to damage, resulting in the breeding of algae and other microorganisms in the reservoir water. not the standard for daily water use.

in order to let the villagers drink clean and assured water, the cicheng government decided to take the current advanced membrane treatment process from the improvement of water quality. it is understood that the membrane treatment process is currently widely used in mineral water producers. through high-precision filtration of membranes, it can remove impurities, bacteria and retain useful minerals, so that the water quality reaches the level of mineral water.

the cicheng town uses the drinking water purification equipment produced by zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. with a treatment volume of 30t/h. it is the most advanced membrane treatment process, and the water produced by the equipment is water quality. it is superior to tap water, and all indicators meet the demand for drinking water, and also improve the taste of the reservoir water.

jin jing, deputy director of the rural development bureau of cicheng, told reporters that last year mao licun and maoyan village took the lead in using the membrane treatment process, and the water quality was greatly improved, which was also recognized by the villagers. at present, four villages, such as jinsha village and gongyou village, have also used membrane treatment processes. the villagers drank more water than the tap water, and the happiness increased.

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