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high performance ptfe hollow fiber membranes are highly regarded by the industry



时间:2019-05-23 15:12:00

membrane industry development summit

the 2019 china film industry development summit hosted by china membrane industry association was held in ningbo. participants believe that the membrane industry has become one of the fastest-growing strategic emerging industries in china, but it should also make great efforts to support the high-quality development of the chemical industry in terms of original innovation, industrialization, application development and enhancement of international competitiveness.

academician gao congyi believes that achieving the leap-forward development of china's membrane industry is a major demand of the country. we should thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china, take xi jinping's new era of socialism with chinese characteristics as the leading factor, and don't forget the initial intention, unite and advance, enhance innovation ability and market competitiveness, and make the development of china's membrane technology and industry. going up to the next level to realize the leap-forward development of china's membrane field

academician gao congxi emphasized the important role of membrane bioreactor (mbr) in the upgrading of urban sewage in the process of membrane technology and urban sewage upgrading. for the first time, ptfe hollow fiber membrane was listed as the main membrane of mbr. material.

xue lixin, deputy director of the collaborative innovation center for membrane separation and water treatment in zhejiang province, and xue lixin, chief scientist of jingyuan technology, elaborated on the development and application of heterogeneous ptfe hollow fiber membrane composite membrane and its water treatment components.

after the summit, zhu zhenxin, deputy secretary-general of the china society for desalination and water reuse, and editorial board of the editorial department of membrane science and technology, visited the net source technology and made a high evaluation of the net source technology ptfe hollow fiber membrane technology.

the film industry development summit net source technology company in the "three yuan", won the 2019 film industry patent prize award, the seventh batch of china's film industry enterprise credit rating evaluation aaa, 2019 film industry outstanding engineers and other awards.

in an interview with xinhuanet, chen wei, executive director, said that the ptfe hollow fiber membrane produced by netsource technology has excellent performance. high flux (≥10000l/h.m2), strong acid and alkali resistance (ph 0~14 resistance), high strength (throat tensile strength >1000n), high life (industrial wastewater project warranty for 5 years, municipal sewage project) the warranty is 10 years), green manufacturing, and expands the application boundary of the original traditional membrane water treatment process. the ptfe hollow fiber membrane is no longer a luxury that is only used in the field of niche high-durable wastewater. let domestic users have more choices in addition to the imported pvdf hollow fiber membrane under the same price range.

net source technology believes that china's film industry should adhere to the high-quality, high-performance, high value-added film industry development route, rather than simply price, light quality, light performance. with the continuous development of net source technology, reducing the manufacturing cost of ptfe hollow fiber membranes, increasing the scope of application and enhancing brand influence, ptfe hollow fiber membranes with higher cost performance will become mainstream products in the field of high-durable wastewater treatment.

gu xiulian, vice chairman of the 10th national people's congress standing committee, attended the summit and spoke highly of the role of the membrane industry in promoting the development of the national economy and the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. she said that after years of development, china's many membrane professional fields have made major breakthroughs and developed a large number of scientific research results with independent intellectual property rights. the membrane has been widely used in seawater desalination, industrial wastewater treatment, separation, purification and concentration of chemical substances, and has made outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of china's chemical industry.

gu xiulian, former minister of the ministry of chemical industry and vice chairman of the 10th national people's congress standing committee

gu xiulian put forward the following four suggestions for the development of the membrane industry:

first, we must place independent innovation in the first place in industrial development, aim at the international frontier, strengthen the original innovation of the film industry chain, and focus on the development of high-performance membrane technology and membrane products.

second, we must work hard to speed up the industrialization process of the membrane, fill in the short board, and extend the industrial chain.

third, we must improve the membrane industry innovation system, strengthen the application and demonstration of membrane technology, expand the application field, and enhance the ability of the membrane industry to serve the high quality development of the national economy.

the fourth is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and seize the initiative in the international market.

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