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scientific and technological innovation to create regional industrial highland, independent innovation to deal with international trade disputes



时间:2019-03-15 15:01:00

the trade war between china and the united states has intensified. the recent trade game between big powers in the context of economic globalization has made us warn that only science and technology autonomy can be left unchecked. recently, the chief consultant of the china membrane industry association, the secretary-general of the technical expert committee, eugene, the doctoral supervisor of the chinese academy of sciences, professor wan yinhua, and the dr. hang xiaofeng of the graduate school of the chinese academy of sciences, visited the global leading company of ptfe hollow fiber membrane technology, global source technology, global the largest mdi manufacturing company wanhua chemical and ningbo photoelectric film represent the company's intellectual technology and changyang science and technology.

▲ secretary general eugene, professor wan yinhua, dr. hang xiaofeng visited net source technology to guide the exchange

yu jinde, the chief consultant of the china membrane industry association and the secretary general of the technical expert committee, has been visiting net source technology for the second time. when he visited net source technology for the first time at the beginning of the year, secretary general yu jun evaluated the ptfe hollow fiber of net source technology. membrane is "disruptive technological innovation." this time, after a deeper understanding of the production process of msc hollow fiber membranes and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and engineering application of net source technology, secretary general yu gave high praise to jingyuan technology.

he believes that net source technology, as a strategic high-tech enterprise with disruptive technology, has made major changes in the raw materials of hollow fiber membranes; and ptfe preparation process unique to net source technology has resulted in no waste water discharge during the production of membrane filaments. the green manufacturing process solves the drawbacks of environmental pollution in the original pvdf film production process. the china membrane industry association is precisely to promote the development of independent innovation technology in the forefront of the industry.

at the same time, secretary-general yu said that due to the current national attention to the membrane industry and the policy dividends at various levels of energy conservation and emission reduction and water pollution prevention, the membrane water treatment market has brought unprecedented development opportunities and market prospects, which also promoted water treatment membranes. market fish are mixed, the quality is uneven, the standards are different, and low-price competition affects the healthy development of the industry. secretary-general eugene pointed out that china's film market should take high-quality, high-performance, high value-added industrial routes, rather than selling high-tech products as "cabbage", simple price, light quality and light performance.

▲ professor wan yinhua and dr. hang xiaofeng visited the company showroom

after visiting net source technology, professor wan yinhua said that net source technology is at the forefront of international r&d, breaking international monopoly and filling domestic gaps. through independent research and development, it has a full range of ultrafiltration membrane products such as pvdf and ptfe and its ptfe-free wastewater discharge. the green manufacturing process is of great significance to promote the development of the domestic water treatment membrane industry.

professor wan yinhua believes that net source technology can achieve technical breakthrough and mass production of ptfe hollow fiber membrane preparation in just a few years, and in printing and dyeing wastewater (qingmao printing and dyeing 5,000 tons / day project), steel wastewater (ningbo iron and steel plant 25,000 tons) / day project), coal chemical wastewater (7200 tons / day project of tianji coal chemical wastewater), electroplating wastewater (6500 tons / day project of surface treatment ecological industrial park of jieyang metallurgical city, guangdong province), landfill leachate (light environment environmental protection wuxi xidong waste incineration power generation 900 tons/day project), kitchen and kitchen biogas wastewater (kaicheng environmental project) and other high-difficult industry wastewater treatment fields have established successful demonstration cases of engineering applications. professor wan suggested that net source technology will expand the market to other high-difficult industries such as pharmaceutical wastewater, so as to give full play to the high pollution resistance, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, temperature resistance and high membrane flux of ptfe hollow fiber membranes. high mechanical strength, high service life and other product performance advantages. at the same time, accelerate the organization of expert committees and conduct scientific results appraisal, thereby expanding the influence of ptfe hollow fiber membranes in the industry and promoting its promotion and application in various fields.

▲ secretary general eugene and professor wan yinhua visited wanhua chemical

in addition, secretary general eugene and professor wan yinhua also inspected the project site of netsource technology at wanhua chemical. as the world's largest mdi manufacturing company, wanhua chemical is the only company in china that has independent intellectual property rights in mdi manufacturing technology. it has broken through the 40-year technical blockade of foreign companies by polycarbonate, hdi, hmdi and ipdi. become the only two or three companies in the world that master this core technology. as a well-known domestic circular economy demonstration enterprise, wanhua chemical has rich experience in the field of chemical wastewater treatment and mbr process application. xu baoxue, deputy chief engineer of wanhua chemical, shared with professor wan and his colleagues the successful experience of wanhua chemical in breaking the international blockade and stepping out of independent innovation and achievement of industry leaders.

▲ secretary general eugene and professor wan yinhua exchanged ideas with wanhua chemical

the relevant person in charge of wanhua chemical joint equipment department introduced the process design and operation of wanhua chemical in gasification wastewater, aniline and alcohol ammonia wastewater treatment system, and explained the process characteristics of the system in detail; in the application of mbr process, the actual application of film products of various brands and materials, through the comparison of operational data, detailed analysis of the performance difference of each brand of film products in the process of use. in march 2017, net source technology cooperated with wanhua chemical and institute of process engineering of chinese academy of sciences to cooperate with the demonstration application project of ptfe hollow fiber membrane mbr process in typical chemical wastewater treatment. the project is designed for the same and enhanced operating conditions. comparing the performance of ptfe hollow fiber membranes and imported pvdf hollow fiber membrane products, based on actual operational data, data analysis and evaluation of typical chemical wastewater treatment by hollow fiber membrane mbr integration process of ptfe and pvdf efficient integration of configuration standards and operating procedures, and demonstration and promotion in the industry to create value for more industrial enterprises.

▲ secretary general eugene and professor wan yinhua visited the wanhua project site

through the investigation and exchange, the experts such as secretary general eugene, professor wan yinhua and xu huagong and other leaders of wanhua chemical have high hopes for the application of ptfe hollow fiber membranes in wanhua chemical.

▲ secretary general eugene and professor wan yinhua visited the wanhua project site

the next day, secretary general eugene also inspected a number of photovoltaic film companies in ningbo. photoelectric film industry is a key industry in the development of jiangbei district of ningbo city. ningbo jiangbei jizhi new materials co., ltd., ningbo waveyang technology co., ltd., ningbo huizhixing new material technology co., ltd., etc. ranked among the “single-player champions” in the industry, the membrane magic power town built by jiangbei has gathered 10 national high-tech enterprises, and the annual shipment of optical film can be around the earth for 4 weeks. in recent years, the three membrane materials companies have made breakthroughs in key technologies, and are constantly expanding into the depth of membrane materials. at the same time, this year, new projects will usher in a new development period.

▲ secretary general eugene visited changyang technology

china membrane industry association has paid great attention to the high-tech functional film industry such as photoelectric film. the association provides a platform for domestic film companies to display and play a role as a link and bridge, and feedback the national policies required by the local government to the national ministries. at the same time, the national policy propaganda will be implemented and promoted to the local level, thus promoting the development of the industry. photoelectric film companies such as zhizhi technology and changyang technology will use the platform of china film industry association to develop and stabilize the leading position of china's photoelectric film industry.

▲ secretary general eugene visits zhizhi technology

under the current global economic situation of constant competition and friction, becoming a powerful country that is close to the center of the world stage, we must certainly master unique technology and have the ability to lead the world in technology and industry development, all based on strong independent innovation capabilities. on. only by grasping the core technology of the industry as soon as possible can chinese enterprises win the advantage and survival guarantee in international competition and even trade friction.

at the same time, adapting to and leading the new normal of economic development depends on technological innovation. by accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, it will promote the vigorous development of “double innovation” and build a regional innovation highland by strengthening the synergistic innovation mechanism. as the country's first “made in china 2025” pilot demonstration city and the first batch of national science and technology achievements transfer and transformation demonstration zones, ningbo is taking the technological innovation as the driving force for promoting regional development. in may 2018, zheng jiejie, secretary of the ningbo municipal party committee, stressed that “it is about creating a “film city of ningbo” and promoting the emergence of the film industry, which has become a major highlight of ningbo industry”. high-tech enterprises such as jingyuan technology, zhizhi technology, changyang science and technology, huizhixing will promote the construction of membrane industry demonstration cities in ningbo from water treatment membranes and functional membranes, and stimulate the development of regional related intelligent manufacturing and environmental management. in order to build china's "film city", promote the "membrane of the military" in the film material industry in ningbo, and seize the high ground of china's new materials industry.

under the pressure of external pressure, it activates the fighting spirit and confidence that inspires national self-reliance and national dignity. this is also an opportunity brought about by the danger of sino-us trade disputes. high-tech enterprises such as jingyuan technology, wanhua chemical, zhizhi technology, and changyang technology, which have strong independent innovation capabilities, will build the regional innovation highland while promoting the development of china's membrane industry with independent and sophisticated technology. let china's national independent brands resist the challenges from the global market with strong scientific and technological strength.

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