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the immersion ultrafiltration membrane process won the “zhejiang minsheng acquired demonstration project”



时间:2019-03-08 14:59:00

according to the announcement of the official website of ningbo water supply co., ltd. 2019, it is a comprehensive review and in-depth review of the practical experience and innovation achievements of the people's livelihood construction in the new era of zhejiang's reform and opening up and socialist modernization. on the afternoon of december 26th, the first 2018 was hosted by zhejiang daily. the awarding ceremony of the zhejiang minsheng public welfare summit and the “zhejiang people's livelihood acquisition demonstration project” was held in the international conference hall of zhejiang daily. after field investigation, expert review, public voting and many other aspects, the water-immersed company jiangdong water plant immersion ultrafiltration membrane process project won the honorary title of “zhejiang minsheng acquired demonstration project”. liang haichong, member of the company's party committee and deputy general manager, was invited to attend and accept the award.

ningbo jiangdong water plant is the largest project in china to achieve tap water expansion by using submerged ultrafiltration. the ptfe hollow fiber membrane ultrafiltration technology applied by zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology plays an important role in this project.

ultrafiltration membrane pool constructed by zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology in jiangdong water plant

in order to meet the ningbo residents' demand for drinking water for residents of “healthy water”, in december 2013, the municipal development and reform commission approved the project “jiangdong water plant reconstruction project” and listed the project as a key project of the city. the design scale is 200,000 tons/day and the investment is 187 million yuan. the biggest highlight of the project is to turn the second phase 100,000 tons/day siphon filter into a 200,000 tons/day submerged membrane filter, making jiangdong water plant the largest immersion ultrafiltration membrane production in the country. process water plant. the jiangdong water plant reconstruction project is a key project for ningbo to promote the “five-water joint governance” and economic and social transformation and development of the three-year action plan and quality improvement. up to now, the upgrade of the water purification system, power distribution control system and automatic control system has been completed.

zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology-ptfe hollow fiber membrane module

from every aspect of water diversion, water production to water supply, the water company has been continuously improving and continuing to improve itself. the innovative water purification process has improved the water quality of the factory; the upgrading of the power distribution system and the automatic control system has made the operation of the water plant more stable and reliable; the anti-taiwan anti-mite standard has been comprehensively improved to ensure the safety of water supply in cities under extreme weather. in the practice and development of the past few years, the water company has fully utilized the advantages of the jiangdong water plant in the center of the water supply area, released high-quality production capacity, eased the pressure on water supply, and woven the safety net for the urban drinking water.
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