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net source technology was awarded the committee of the landfill leachate treatment department



时间:2018-10-25 14:49:00

on september 13, 2018, at the “5th landfill leachate treatment forum”, zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. was awarded the committee of the landfill leachate treatment department by the china survey and design association.

the forum was hosted by china construction technology group co., ltd., china urban construction research institute co., ltd. and water supply and drainage magazine. it brought together senior experts and elite scholars from the national environmental protection industry to discuss and share the frontiers of landfill leachate treatment. technology and innovations, in-depth exchange of leachate and concentrate treatment process technology and operational management experience.

the application environment of membrane products in the landfill leachate treatment field is demanding, and this field has been monopolized by imported japanese brand ptfe products. previously, japanese brands only compared performance with pvdf film products in the promotion. in this forum, japanese brands have publicly compared with domestic brands net hollow fiber membrane products and technologies since they entered the market in 2004. it can be seen that japanese brands have to some extent admitted that their technological monopoly status has been broken and gradually replaced. jingyuan technology has undertaken a number of 100-800 tons/day landfill leachate treatment projects in this field and accumulated rich experience. net source technology is currently the only global competitor of japanese brands in this technology field.

in the application of landfill leachate, the ptfe hollow fiber mbr system designed and manufactured by net source technology and the traditional tubular membrane mbr system have great performance in terms of design parameters, operation technology and operating environment. the difference.

compared with the tubular membrane mbr equipment, the equipment of the net source technology ptfe hollow fiber membrane mbr system requires less comprehensive cost and investment, and has a small footprint; the operating cost is greatly reduced, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. at the same time, it is different from the limitations of the tubular membrane operating environment, high operating pressure and weak cleaning recovery. the net source technology ptfe hollow fiber membrane has strong anti-pollution ability, good acid and alkali resistance, good cleaning recovery and service life up to 5 by 8 years, the impact on normal production during frequent film changes is eliminated. the ptfe hollow fiber membrane mbr system equipment of netsource technology has been promoted and applied in many landfill leachate projects of everbright and environmental protection, and has accumulated rich application experience.

ptfe hollow fiber membrane unique ultra-high strength, large flux, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, high anti-pollution and other properties, making it a unique technical advantage in the highly difficult to treat waste leachate wastewater, while net source technology the ptfe hollow fiber membrane mbr system is designed to reduce the investment and operating costs and increase the life of the equipment during landfill leachate treatment. through the technical advantages of ptfe and the price advantage of international products, net source technology breaks the international monopoly and fills the domestic gap, and will provide customers with complete performance solutions for the landfill leachate treatment field.

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