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jingyuan technology won the first prize of china film industry association science and technology award



时间:2018-05-14 14:38:00

abstract: jingyuan technology won the first prize of science and technology award of china film industry association

good news: jingyuan technology won the first prize of the china film industry association science and technology award.

on may 7-9, the "2018 china membrane industry development summit" hosted by china membrane industry association was held in beijing. under the background of the development of "new economy" in the country, it is necessary to train "new kinetic energy". 2018 china membrane industry development summit conduct all-round exchanges and discussions in the fields of technology, policy promotion, and financial assistance. the convening of this summit will be of epoch-making significance in the development of china's membrane industry.

the summit was highly valued by the national development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of industry and information technology, and the china petroleum and chemical industry federation.

yang shangbao, deputy director of the central committee for energy and resources and environment of the democratic national construction association, zhang shujun, director of the department of social and development of the ministry of science and technology, zhang wenming, director of the department of raw materials and industry of the ministry of industry and information technology, hu qianlin, vice president of the petrochemical federation, and academician gao congxi, hou li'an, chinese academy of engineering academician, academician shu xingtian, academician qu jiuhui, academician yan xigao, cui xuejun, president of china chemical news, vice chairman of china materials research association, weng duan, professor of tsinghua university, and hao zhigang, chairman of china bluestar (group) co., ltd. many guests from the industry, academia and research community witnessed the annual ceremony of the chinese film industry.

the 7th "china membrane industry association science and technology awards" list was announced, and the "complicated heterogeneous ptfe hollow fiber membrane and water treatment module manufacturing" project of net source technology was awarded the first prize of science and technology award.

jingyuan technology's composite heterogeneous ptfe hollow fiber membrane has extremely high anti-pollution, ultra-high strength (greater than 1000n), large flux, acid and alkali resistance (ph0-14), and high resistance to organic solvents. a series of superior performances such as high service life. this award is a full affirmation of the company's technology research and development and innovation achievements in the “membrane water treatment industry”. it has played a considerable role in improving the company's industry status, popularity, brand influence and core competition. this motivates net source technology to continue its efforts to overcome technological difficulties and create higher technology standards.

after the meeting, gao zongqi, an academician of the chinese academy of engineering, said: "net source technology's first prize is a full recognition of the company and an affirmation of the company's advanced nature and innovative consciousness. it is hoped that netsource technology will adhere to the use of new materials. improve material properties, make membrane technology more popular, and make more contributions to social water treatment."

regarding the rapid development of the ningbo film industry, academician gao congxi said: "no matter the rise of the photoelectric film enterprise or the rapid landing of the world-class cooling film project and the award of the net source technology, it is in line with the national new energy development policy. membrane technology it is a very broad concept, and it is hoped that various membranes will promote each other's development."

by filling the domestic gap and breaking the international monopoly of the core heterogeneous ptfe hollow fiber membrane, jingyuan technology has broken through the technical barriers of international enterprise monopoly and is committed to continuously deepen the performance and application research of ptfe membrane; continuous improvement of production equipment and assembly lines, improving production efficiency and product quality while reducing the overall cost of products, thereby making net source technology a leading technology in the world at a higher cost performance, and striving to become the world's leading water treatment and process. a provider of comprehensive solutions.

at the forefront of technological innovation, maintaining its core competitiveness in the global field is the goal and direction of net source technology. netsource technology will continue to reform with our core composite heterogeneous ptfe hollow fiber membrane technology. innovation, committed to promoting the development process of the domestic separation membrane industry, helping china to create a break from the foreign side and stabilize the international arena.

i have been working on a road of technological innovation for more than ten years. i would like to thank all my friends who trust and support me. i recall the recognition, encouragement, expectation and guidance given by academician li nianzhi in may 2016. i hope that net source technology will continue to work harder, and will not forget the original heart and create new achievements.

zhejiang jingyuan film technology co., ltd.

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