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sewage "self-produced and sold" jiangbei water has new tricks



时间:2017-12-14 14:27:00

sewage treatment has always been a difficult point. jiangbei has a small area and cannot build its own sewage treatment plant like other districts and counties. therefore, domestic sewage treatment can only be included in the municipal pipe network, but in this case, it will cause a comparison to the municipal sewage pipe network. great pressure. recently, jiangbei district has created a new trick to control water. a small sewage treatment station was built on the side of the river. the treated sewage was rearranged into the river and received good results.

baoguo temple wuhu district domestic sewage treatment project is located in wuhu village, hongtang street, jiangbei district, covering an area of only 105 square meters. “the sparrow is small and complete,” and there are all kinds of facilities such as water pool, lifting pump station and ion exchange tank. . the staff said that they collect the collected sewage every day from the pipe network to the collecting pool, and break up the large particles at the inlet of the collecting pool; then the lifting pump will send the sewage to the sewage treatment tank for treatment; finally, the output will be produced. the water is sent to the drainage inspection well, and the whole process takes about 10 hours, which is relatively fast.

liu jinbo, a sewage treatment project, said that the ptfe hollow fiber membrane is the core of the entire sewage treatment equipment. through the combination of traditional technology and our membrane, the treated sewage reaches a “sediment separation” effect.

the staff told the reporter that although the sewage collection pumping station is not large, but the effect is very large, the daily sewage treatment capacity can reach 800 tons, fully realizing the "self-production and sales" of the block sewage. moreover, the treated water can reach the class iii standard of surface water, that is to say, it meets the standard of general drinking water source. it is really not simple!

the reporter learned that all the sewage in the jiangbei district was used to enter the sewage treatment plant in zhangzhou and zhenhai through the municipal pipeline. there will be sewage outflow during the flow, and now wuhu takes the lead in handling the small sewage treatment station. sewage, all the sewage in the area is digested by itself, there is no outflow of sewage, and it is also a kind of protection for the environment.

zhang wei, head of the jiangbei district water control office, said that next year they will try this model more and use this new model throughout the region to make the water quality better.

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