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the black technology of this enterprise in ningbo has injected a new “membrane method” for jiangbei water control.



时间:2017-08-24 14:23:00

from the party client correspondent wu tianyun xiang rongzhen
reporter zhu tian tian reports:

as long as the untreated water passes through a layer of "film", it can filter out eggs, bacteria, etc., and meet drinking water standards. today, this “black technology” of qijiang street jingyuan technology co., ltd. has been used to destroy the inferior v water and inject a fresh “membrane method” for jiangbei water control.

at the anshan village in hongtang street, the reporter saw an integrated facility in the square. "the hollow fiber membrane we produced is installed in this equipment, and the sewage from the sewage interception pipe in the village is connected to the unified sewage treatment equipment. after the comprehensive water purification process, the filtration treatment is carried out, and the treated water quality can reach the class iii. water standard." chen wei, executive director of zhejiang jingyuan technology co., ltd. said.

in order to let us better understand the working principle of the water film, chen hao showed the reporter a piece of water purification film that has not been installed. i saw two water collecting pipes at both ends of the water film. the water collecting pipes at both ends were connected by a white wire. these things that look like white silk are the real water purifier: ptfe hollow fiber membrane.

what is ptfe? according to chen wei, ptfe is also known as ptfe, commonly known as “plastic king”. it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and various organic solvents. it is almost insoluble in all solvents and resistant to high temperature. the physical and chemical properties of the membrane products are very stable. “the more stable the material processing process, the more difficult it is. this is our invention patent for independent innovation.”

"these ptfe membranes are hollow and have many small holes on them. these are only nanometer-sized pores. therefore, when the sewage passes through this water-repellent membrane, the eggs, bacteria, etc., which are invisible to the naked eye, will remain outside the membrane. it is high-quality reclaimed water, and even meets the standards of drinking water sources." chen yu explained to reporters.

as a fourth-generation membrane material, ptfe is superior to the third-generation pvdf material film in terms of performance and stability. “the pvdf material film may need to be replaced in two or three years, and the ptfe material can be used for ten years.”

nowadays, the development and production of ptfe membrane of netsource technology has filled the blank of similar products in china, and its performance has reached the international leading level. in addition to the use of this technology in the sewage treatment system of the wuhu block in hongtang street, jiangbei district, the sewage terminal treatment equipment of zhuangqiao street also uses the ptfe membrane treatment process, which currently meets the direct discharge standard of three types of water.

“at present, we are still in the initial stage of marketing, and we attach great importance to building model projects, laying a solid foundation for product expansion and application in related fields in the future.” chen wei said that with one project after another and it is running well, the company’s ptfe membrane products are expected to usher in large-scale applications.

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