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jingyuan technology won the national high-tech enterprise certification



时间:2017-02-28 14:11:00

zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. recently received the "notice on announcement of the list of ningbo high-tech enterprises in ningbo" issued by the ningbo high-tech enterprise certification management leading group on december 29, 2016 (甬高企申请[2016 】number 2). the company will obtain the national high-tech enterprise certificate, certificate number: gr201633100010, the issuance time: november 30, 2016, valid period: three years.

according to the "enterprise income tax law of the people's republic of china" and the "regulations on the implementation of the enterprise income tax law of the people's republic of china" and other relevant regulations, the company can enjoy the state's high-tech within three years after it has passed the high-tech enterprise certification and has gone through the formalities of tax reduction and exemption to the competent tax authorities. relevant preferential policies for technology companies. at the same time, it is a national high-tech enterprise qualification certificate, which is the affirmation of the country's core independent intellectual property rights, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into capabilities and the growth of the company. it will further promote the company's independent innovation capability and will produce the company's business development. positive influence.

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