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"winning the waves and breaking the waves, and continuing to be brilliant" - remember zhejiang qingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. 2017 welcome party



时间:2017-02-28 14:10:00

the year of the great sacred year, wanliheshan stayed in ruili; the rooster reported, and the qianjialou pavilion reflected zhaohui. on the evening of january 20, 2017, all employees of zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. gathered at the novotel hotel to welcome the new year.

in 2016, zhejiang jingyuan achieved fruitful results. in the future, the net source in zhejiang will continue to work hard and create a myth. at the party, wu xiaochao, general manager of the work summary report for 2017, fully affirmed the hard work of all employees in the past year, and raised ardent hopes on how to take it to the next level.

at the party, the company also commended and awarded the winners of the company's outstanding employees, sales progress awards and invention patent awards. passion makes dreams come true, and struggle creates brilliant. the net source person who has been busy for a year can finally calm down and taste a good wine. if you have a few words, you will be exhausted and enjoy the harvest.

the interactive aspects of the game interspersed with it, adding a lot of fun to the banquet. the company's employees also brought a wealth of cultural programs, square dance "the most dazzling family style", songs singing "little lucky", "willing to have one heart", "song stringing", magic show cross talk "play 2016" and other programs wonderful.

the new year’s dinner was successfully concluded in everyone’s common toast, but the sense of teamwork, the conviction of struggle, and the sincere friendship flowed in everyone’s mind. the old year has come to an end and a new year is coming. yesterday's achievements will last forever, and tomorrow's journey will have a long way to go. let us work together and work together to achieve new leap and innovation.

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