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deputy director of pan qunwei in beilun district and deputy director he xiaonan of ningbo science and technology bureau visited net source technology



时间:2017-02-28 14:07:00

on december 29th, pan qunwei, deputy head of beilun district, and he xiaonan, deputy director of ningbo science and technology bureau, accompanied the leaders of beilun science and technology bureau, environmental protection bureau, xiaogang street and ningbo institute of materials of the chinese academy of sciences to visit zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd.

chen wei, executive director of the company, reported from net source's r&d strength, technology advantages, industry prospects, product application, performance and future development.

deputy director he xiaonan gave a high evaluation of the technological leadership of the company's products, the development trend of the company and the industry prospects. it also emphasizes that net source technology should strengthen the cooperation between independent research and development, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, and broaden the depth and breadth of research and development. not only must we master the core technology of membrane wire manufacturing, but also need to increase research and development efforts and inputs in key supporting materials and manufacturing processes such as components, and carry out all-round research and development and expansion, so as to maintain the technological leadership of the products in the world. at the same time, it is emphasized that ningbo city, as the first demonstration city for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the first “made in china 2025” pilot demonstration city, is inseparable from the high-tech that adheres to independent innovation, breaks international monopoly and fills domestic vacancies like jingyuan technology. enterprises, net source technology in order to achieve economic benefits, but also to generate more social benefits, the two "golden signboards" in ningbo city shined brighter.

deputy director pan qunwei pointed out that beilun district has gathered ports and many large industrial enterprises, and many water treatment and bidding projects have provided a broad potential market for the net source environment. as a local enterprise in beilun district, the district government will also promote the application of the company's counterpart technologies and products in the application of relevant environmental pollution control projects. beilun district has always focused on the support policies of high-tech innovative products enterprises, and strive to break the bottleneck encountered by high-tech start-ups in product promotion.

finally, the deputy head of pan qunwei encouraged and expected the company to firmly grasp the development pulse of beilun district and forge ahead with development. relying on the beilun district policy and location advantages, it has become the backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry for environmental pollution control, ecological restoration and recycling.

▲pan qunwei, deputy head of beilun district, and deputy director he xiaonan of ningbo science and technology bureau visited netsource technology

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