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net source membrane technology year-end summary conference



时间:2017-02-24 13:36:00

the year-end summary meeting of zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. ended in the early spring of 2015 with the hard work and active participation of all shareholders and employees.

at the beginning of the ceremony, wu liangchao, the general manager of the company's leadership, delivered a speech, and mr. wu, who has accumulated rich experience in business development, ushered in his own tenth anniversary of work and family in his own sense.

on the occasion of the past and the future, general wu has a lot of emotions. he is gratified by the major changes in the company in the past year. he is also happy with the company’s leap in funds, research and development, production and other aspects in the ups and downs. the outlook for the sales prospects for the past five years, as well as the plans for the sales targets for the coming year, the colleagues in the sales department who listened to them all made up their minds and determined to become a city.

after wu’s remarks, the moderator’s announcement was followed by a speech by mr. chen, the vice president of the holding company xinjie group.

when mr. chen wenyi’s general manager talked about the achievements made within the group in the past four years, he was arrogant and eloquent. the huge and considerable data counted by mr. chen’s calendar and the well-recognized figures mentioned were in the evidence of the incident, it is clear that the performance of our xinjie group has been encouraging in the past year.

after reviewing the achievements made in 2014, mr. chen also expressed his hopes and requirements for the company's product development, market expansion and technological innovation in the coming year on behalf of the group company. the mood is clear and the torrent flows in.

entered the employee recognition step of our net source membrane technology. huang jiangyi of the r&d department, gao jian of the engineering department and zhang wei, the sales department of the company, won the company's annual “outstanding contribution award”. the company's shareholders, wang zong and mr. chen, presented awards and prizes to the winning colleagues.

while the three colleagues standing in the award-winning ranks are surrounded by honor, this picture also motivates all the colleagues in the room to redouble their efforts in the coming year, and to perform better.

awards, photo

the three award-winning colleagues each delivered their acceptance speech:

the huanggong, who specializes in r&d, stated the general direction of work next year with a simple discourse;

an engineer with outstanding engineering and design gave an overview of the responsibilities of the engineering block;

zhang gong, whose sales performance is outstanding, has a new vision for the business development direction next year.


after commending the outstanding contributors, the leaders also announced the winners of outstanding employees, and presented awards, prizes, and took a group photo.

the two colleagues in the photo below, although they are simple and simple, can be commended for their spirits. they have worked diligently in their ordinary positions for hundreds of days, and they have earned the unanimous praise and elections from the leadership and colleagues. let us applaud them.

mr. wang, who wears glasses, is mainly responsible for the internal production of the company. in terms of production, he has his own rigorous management methods, abundant mass foundation and technical support. he affirmed the work in 2014 and also produced colleagues from various workshops have proposed the requirements of the 20th five-year plan: keeping up with the trend of business development of the sales department, ensuring that the production capacity of the production department is seamlessly linked with the sales performance, and that it is not out of production and not out of stock.

before the meeting, mr. wang fully prepared a toast.

listening to his true speech, i still clearly remember the sentence that he was grounded:

"net source colleagues, let us raise the glass, to make a self-supplement for the 20th and the 4th, to look forward to the future!"

the banquet atmosphere after the opening was full of joy and excitement.

in the intertwined and push cups, everyone is drinking and eating. . .

under the chandeliers of crystal chandeliers and surrounding spotlights, everyone raised their glasses and worshipped each other in their early years, saying the words of blessing, and grateful for the gratitude hidden in the chest...



for a long while, the host of the suit and trousers paved the next stage of the conference with a lively hosting style: talent show.

colleagues from various departments, who have sang popular songs, have magical performances, have philosophical stories, and are good at singing, even perform as personal concerts. the host is interested in collecting concert tickets.


the gameplay that is interspersed is a fun draw.

with the third and second prizes being born, the background music seems to be more and more cheerful. with the increase of the number of first prizes, the photographers responsible for photography used the lens to record the joys of the winning colleagues. enjoy the smile that is exposed.

the prizes are not luxurious, but it is an element that represents the encouragement and recognition of the company's leadership to all company colleagues.

in the minds of colleagues, winning means:

a good color head, for the coming year to go further, higher one foot, and a higher level to start a good head. . .


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