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net source technology will debut at 2015 aquatech china shanghai international water show



时间:2017-02-24 13:34:00

exhibition size: 100,000m2 net source film booth number: 2.082

as the largest and most professional water treatment exhibition in the world, aquatech china has experienced 7 years of rapid growth and accumulation in china, and successfully realized the most specialized super-large water industry with reasonable segmentation of exhibits. a grand event.

zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. will participate in the 2015 aquatech china shanghai international water show at the shanghai world expo exhibition hall from june 10 to 12, 2015, bringing you new products and technical solutions for the water treatment industry (booth no.: 2.082 ). through this water show, we will strengthen communication with internationally renowned companies, establish a corporate image, promote the company's product brand, and display the company's new research and development products ptfe film; at the same time, find a more precise direction for the company's business development direction.

june 10-12, 2015
national exhibition center (shanghai)
333 yingze avenue, no. 168, yinggang east road, shanghai, china (north)

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