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fortunately, fortunately, "membrane industry leader" to explore the prospects of membrane science



时间:2017-02-24 13:33:00

in may, shanghai is in the late spring and early summer, with the prosperity of history and the modern and efficient modernity. it is a refreshing season. on may 30th, mr. li nianzhi, a member of the american academy of engineering and a foreign academician of the chinese academy of sciences, accompanied his wife dr. qiao jiayu to his birthplace in shanghai for scientific research visits and exchanges. mr. chen wei, executive director of zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd., and dr. xue lixin, the flagship senior researcher of polymer functional membrane team of ningbo institute of materials technology and engineering, chinese academy of sciences, have the honor to meet with academician li nianzhi, specializing in membrane technology and the industrial application has been deeply explored and exchanged.

as one of the main founders of the world's membrane science, mr. li nianzhi has served as a scientific advisor to the american apollo program, chairman of the american chemical society's department of industrial and engineering chemistry, president of the north american membrane society, and the national scientific research council. member of the separation science and engineering committee, member of the bio-engineering committee for low-energy manufacturing chemicals, and executive director of the american society of chemical engineers. the liquid membrane and polymer solid membrane technology invented by academician li nianzhi has been widely used in the fields of chemical engineering, petroleum industry, environmental protection, resource recycling, medicine and life sciences, and has developed in the fields of chemical engineering and related disciplines. deep influence.

mr. li nianzhi, as the only chinese in the world to receive the "people's nobel prize" platinum award (perkin medal), has always been fascinated by the development of the membrane industry of the motherland. through its influence in the "membrane world", the chinese film industry will be promoted to catch up with the world's advanced level as soon as possible. he not only guides and cooperates with domestic enterprises in many fields such as chemistry, coal chemical industry, water treatment, etc., but also often leads international high-level delegations to introduce sorbex adsoption separation technology in china, and is urgently needed to promote china's membrane industry and fine chemicals. the reverse osmosis and nanofiltration composite membrane manufacturing technology has made great contributions.

during the meeting, the new and old products with typical and extensive application characteristics such as ptfe hollow fiber membrane, pvdf membrane and ro reverse osmosis membrane were developed with mr. li nianzhi in research and development, technological innovation and performance improvement. detailed consultation and in-depth communication. academician li gave affirmation to zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd. in many aspects: first, academician li believes that the use of ptfe as a raw material for the production of hollow fiber membranes is a breakthrough; secondly, the use of thermal preparation processes for the production of ptfe, in environmental protection and cost control is also a breakthrough. while affirming this technological innovation and market prospects, academician li also put forward many valuable suggestions for improving and improving the products, and placed great hopes on further research and development and performance improvement of this product.

this exchange has injected new energy into the technical knowledge level and circumvented the unknown technical barriers, which shortened the research and development time, improved the innovation process, and fundamentally fine-tuned the direction of r&d and innovation. through the discussion and learning of the pioneers in the academic world, net source membrane technology can better use the international vision, leading technology and highly competitive products to go to market. it is also an important step for net source membrane technology to become the world's top membrane technology company.

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