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qingdao international desalination conference



时间:2017-02-23 11:31:00

on june 30, 2015, qingdao international desalination conference was successfully held at qingdao metropark international hotel.

the leaders of the international water treatment industry came to attend the conference, and the spectacular scene was the best in the country. a total of more than 1,200 organizations and enterprises participated in the conference, and jointly discussed and exchanged new technologies and new products on the theme of the ten sections.

the ten special sessions include: ppp water investment, industrial water saving, seawater desalination, water treatment, concentrated brine treatment, water ecology special, water reuse, sludge, metallurgy, printing and dyeing wastewater reuse and treatment.

net source membrane technology was honored to be invited to present new product introductions and new technical explanations during the conference on industrial water saving and printing and dyeing wastewater reuse and disposal. especially for the mbr membrane bioreactor, the ptfe ptfe hollow fiber membrane is the top technology in the membrane industry. its product performance is comparable to that of imported products, but the price is more competitive.

the following is the photo of the conference site

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