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deputy secretary chen chengkui from beilun district visited net source technology



时间:2017-02-23 11:22:00

on october 14, beilun district standing committee, deputy director of the development zone management committee, deputy secretary of the party working committee chen chengkui, director of the development and reform commission zhang ruping, xiaogang street secretary ke jingjun and his entourage visited zhejiang jingyuan membrane technology co., ltd.

deputy secretary chen chengkui gave a high evaluation of the industry prospects of net source technology, the technological leadership of the company's products, and the development of the company. at the same time, deputy secretary chen chengkui proposed that beilun district now gathers the company's research and development base, project pilot base, large-scale production base, and a large number of potential customers. therefore, from the perspective of the company's business market prospects and better long-term development, jingyuan technology is encouraged. in beilun district, we will build an industrial base integrating r&d, pilot, production and model projects. as a high-tech and high-growth enterprise that the district government is focusing on, the district government will also strengthen its support for enterprises, and provide support from all aspects of industrial policy, product promotion, production security, and provision of financial services. at the same time, deputy secretary chen chengkui also urged the company to strengthen internal management and actively carry out work related to safety production and production environmental protection.

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