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application of ptfe smf/ro in water reuse engineering in printing and dyeing



时间:2017-04-01 11:06:00

abstract: the process of "oxidation decolorization air flotation device immersion membrane filtration reverse osmosis" is used to process the water in printing and dyeing, and the water is reused in the process of dyeing production. the design system inlet water cod≤100mg/l, conductivity ≤12000μs/cm, color ≤80, turbidity ≤10ntu, iron≤10mg/l; treated water 5000m3/d, reused 2500m3/d. the system produced water was tested by cod=3mg/l, conductivity=326μs/cm, color, turbidity and iron were not detected; the cost of recycled water treatment was 3.51 yuan/m3. the reused water quality is better than the water quality index of dyeing water in the technical specification of textile dyeing and finishing industrial wastewater treatment project hj471-2009. the project runs stably and the benefits are obvious.

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